Luke Marshall is a singer songwriter and artist based in Adelaide. Born in Central Australia and growing up in a coastal town, there has always been a strong connection with the land and sea. Having a natural understanding of how powerful sounds and words can be, songwriting became a way to express emotion and process the world.

Travelling through Europe, Luke met incredible musicians, street performers and artists. Watching how people were captivated by a performance and the profound effect music has is magical. This experience opened Luke up to sharing his music and performing live.   

Drawing on emotions, nature’s beauty and experiences - his music can be best described as dreamy alternative folk. His lyrics are reflective and emotive, painting pictures with words. Inspired by artists City and Colour, Gregory Alan Isakov, Bonobo and Ry X his live show is intimate, enchanting and open, expressing feelings of love, loss, dreams, and emotional spaces.

Luke says: “Performing live for people is such an elevating experience, being able to tell a story and transcend communication barriers. Music is so much more than just sounds and words, it’s an energy that is shared by the performer and audience and something that is beautiful and unique to each show”  

Luke has released two EP’s, ‘Forest By The Sea’ and 'Shelter & Rain' and has finished up a successful Nation Tour ending with the Adelaide Fringe.

Technical Release.


Maton acoustic guitar (with pick up)

Fender telecaster electric guitar

Nylon guitar (no pick up)


Electric Guitar Amp

Fold back speakers x 2


SM58 x 1

Mic Stand x 1


LR Baggs DI

Effects pedal